How Does a Business in Virginia Make a Profit from a Web Site?

Before setting up a site, all Virginia business owners should ask themselves at least two questions:

How can I have an Internet presence that is profitable?

How should my company approach and use this marketing medium?


There are three main ways to make money from a site:

Sell a product or service directly online.  Your business, product, or service can be marketed to people all over the world, and the best part of using the Internet is that the cost is minimal compared to that of other marketing media.

Direct consumers to your retail outlets to buy.  Give visitors your Web site information about your product or services that are in your retail stores.  Entice them to visit your retail outlet in person or make an appointment with you to describe your services.

Supplement your site with advertising from other Virginia companies.  The name of the game is “hits” (more recently it has become “conversions”).  Promote your site to the masses and get a lot of visitors to your site and people will be throwing money at you to put their ads on your site or to be a sponsor of your site.

The main purpose here is to teach you how to draw visitors to your site.  Having a good site is important, but getting people to visit your site is MORE important.  The best way to achieve this is by hiring a top Virginia company that specializes in digital marketing and SEO. There are many corporations that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a Web page that few people visit.

A perfect example of this is Levi Strauss.  This company spent over $500,000 building a Web site and a year later laid off 3000 employees.  Why?  How is it that a company such as Dell Computer can sell over $1,000,000 of computers on the Internet every day, while a company like Strauss fails so dismally?  It is called promotion (or marketing).  Granted, maybe a successful website would not have saved those employees their jobs but maybe it would have.  It is what you do after a Web site is up and running that can  make your investment either pay off or go to waste.
YOU HAVE TO DRIVE VISITORS TO YOUR SITE.  You need to have an informative and interesting site that entices visitors to return, but it is not necessary to spend $500,000 or anything even close to that figure.

Content is the most important feature of a site.  Include as much free information on your site as possible.  Make sure your site includes information, links, and applications that your visitors won’t find anywhere else.  This will ensure that your visitors return and even tell others about your site.  And don’t forget each time someone visits your site, you have an opportunity to sell that person something.

Put a sentence at the beginning of your site suggesting that visitors add your site to their favorites folder or bookmark your site.  If they do this, they will be able to return to your site with just a click of the mouse.  This makes your site readily available for them to visit whenever they want.